Contemplate Task to click on list

I need to record a task that at a point will see a list (imagine a list of 10 topics) and will have to click and export one at a time, and by the time that is done, will have to see the list again and at this point the list can have more new topics (from 10 imagine to 16), is there any way to Kantu to contemplate the list from first topic to last and when it finishes the tasks contemplate again from first to last?

Thank you very much, awesome tool.

Without seeing the website this is a bit hard to answer. But in general, the best way to parse a list is to either use the LOOP function or do a loop inside the macro with while/endwhile.

You would do the loop until e. g. storeText (locator) no longer finds a list item and then !statusok = false.

I hope this helps. If you can post a link to the website (or to a public website that is similar), we can create a small test macro for you.