Contains(text) - Add vs. Added

[SOLVED: changed target to //*[contains(@id,“couponAdd”)] ]

I’m adding offers to my Safeway Just4U account.

In the past I successfully used click-//span[contains(text(),‘ADD’)] and I could add however many offers were displayed by adding a click-//span for each offer, for example 4 offers and Kantu would click on each of the 4 “Add” buttons.

Safeway just redesigned their site and now that works, with a hitch: it Adds the first offer, then clicks the same 1st offer, b/c the text “Added” contains Add. :grimacing:

How do I change the “contains” string so it clicks only “Add” and not “Added”?


Have you tried using verifyText command?

Hi @troydwhite

Try to read this page

It explains how to recognize web page elements in a relative way.

FAQ: How can I find the n-th link with a specific text?

This question is similar to FAQ: How to find a button with a specific text with XPath? but now we want to get the n-th match, not the first match. There are several good options for this. In the following lets assume the link text is “Download” and we want to click the 6-th link. As test page we use this external page:

  • link=Download@POS=6 - this is easy but works for links only
  • xpath=(//a[text()=‘Download’])[6] - same as above but in XPath notation
  • xpath=(//*[text()[contains(.,‘Download’)]])[6] - this searches for the text in any element and not just links.

An alternative text search that works inside a canvas, image or video is OCR based text search.

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Thank you, @newuserkantu

I tried POS but that didn’t work:

[error][ignored] timeout reached when looking for element ‘//span[contains(text(),“ADD”)]@POS=1’

Thank you, @Souradeep_Panda

I found verifyText earlier, but it doesn’t seem to be relevant for this situation: Add or Added will always be on the pages I’m running the script on.

I think the issue is “contains”, the ideal command would say “text is Add” and only Add, and would ignore anything else.

I looked more closely at the span elements and noticed the “Added” button said “clippedCoupon” and the “Add” button used “couponAdd”. :eyes:

I changed the code to //*[contains(@id,“couponAdd”)] and now it only adds new “ADD” items.

I modified this approach:


Hi @troydwhite

Thanks for sharing the solution.

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