Consistently missing the Buy Shipping button in Seller Central

I set up to help ship seller-fulfilled packages via Amazon’s Seller Central. I have had this script working for over a year, but lately it’s doing a terrible job of actually hitting the Buy Shipping button.

The XClick command triggers, but consistently misses high. I think this has something to do with how the page refreshes after the package weight is input, but I’m not triggering my script until the weight is input. I have tried adding a pause of up to 4000 milliseconds, but that doesn’t help (it doesn’t take the page 4 seconds to re-load).

It seems that is trying to anticipate where the XClick will happen, and is thereby missing where it actually should be clicking.

Any help will be appreciated. This is driving me nuts.

Hi, can you please add a video/screencast of this situation?

It’s been behaving for the most part today, but it did miss one in the same way it was missing on Wednesday. Best I can do is a screenshot, unfortunately.