ConnectionError frequently

I am using OCR.Space and built a python script to send images for OCR.
I am using the free API version right now, but about 50% of the time, I get: the following error:

SSLError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=443): Max retries exceeded with url

Again, this happens maybe 50% of the time, and it works fine in Postman. There’s no consistency, and I’m using the same three images to test. Any ideas? I’m using Python.

EDIT: I just had it working for a call, and now it’s down again. I think there’s possibly something wrong with the free version engine and how you’re accepting the post info. Can you confirm it’s down?

If you test the connection with Postman, do you get the same result?

You probably know it, but just in case: Postman is a free Windows/Mac app, see

If you see the problem even with Postman, a screenshot of the result could be helpful.

You can see the API status and performance always on

The free OCR API is sometimes overloaded until we add new servers, but usually it is up and working fine. So if you see the error 50% of your calls, then something else is wrong.