Connect to specific server via ip and send image of captcha and recieve its text

hi thanks for ur fantastic software
i use ui vision and its works fine for me but when i encounter captcha i must use online captcha services but they are not precise enough so i set software for solving captcha but it acts as a server and when i test it that opens a new web by ip address like and in this new page i can submit image of captcha and see the solved one
now i want to know how can i send image of captcha straightley from ui vision to that sofware (act as a server via ip) and get the respond (text of captcha )
tnx alot

I do not use captcha services, but I do something similar (extract images from websites and send them to a cloud service for processing. Then fill the returned data into a CRM website).

Here is how I do with UI vision rpa software:

1.) Download (scrape) the image from website (captcha in your case). For this I use storeImage

2.) I use UI Vision PRO with XModule, so the image is stored directly on the hard drive underC:\Users\Plankton\Desktop\uivision\screenshots

With free RPA version: Use LocalStorageExport to save image to hard drive (browser download folder)

3.) Now the captcha image is on the hard drive. Now use XRunAndWait to start your batch/bash file (or Powershell or Python or cURL, or…) to send image to captcha solver service API. UI.Vision waits for the API call script to complete.

Here (in your external script) the “Connect to specific server via ip and send image of captcha and receive its text” part happens!

4.) If the captcha is a number, your batch file can return the value via the exit code. Inside your macro the value is then inside the ${!xrun_exitcode} variable.

4b) If you need to return a text string or even more data to the macro (like in my case), I save the value(s) in a text file as “tiny.csv” and then read the value with csvRead | c:\script\tiny.csv | and have the value in ${!col1} variable.

hi bro
i write a batch file by notepad that could send image and get string of it in csv file
but i can not run it by xrun just could run it by winR and xtype that is not good for me
can u help me how to run batch file with xrun
(i convert my batch file to exe file but it dosent run by xrun too)

I think it’s fine when there are some problems with router reset since it gives some opportunity like changing log and pass.

I remember when I had some problems with my router (can’t log in) and I decided to change the pass to default. However, I didn’t know the default pass for it. Later I found a database that helped me out with changing my password and log for different routers. This will be helpful for the others like me, who throw away the paper after unpacking. But, as I said, this site has the info for all the type of routers, and all the manufacturers. You should save it in your browser’s bookmarks.