[Confirmed] "RealUser Simulation XModule is not installed yet" due to non-English input methods

I am using Mac 10.14.5, Chrome 75.0.3770.100.
From time to time, Kantu shows “Error #301: RealUser Simulation XModule is not installed yet”.
After reading Billy Yau’s comment here: Can't install RealUser XModule .
I can confirm it is really caused by the input methods.

When I use the English input method and run ./kantu-xy-host in the XModules folder, the command runs normally (It waits for input). But if I switch to any non-English input method and run the command again. It shows “Segmentation fault: 11”. No matter it is Chinese, Japanese, or Taiwanese input methods, it’s always the same.

Hope you can fix this problem, thanks!

If the problem for the Chrome so you can installed RealUser Simulation XModule. Think it may help you to solve your problem.

Do you mean I should install RealUser Simulation XModule? I did install the module. But sometimes kantu just can’t detect it. I am just explaining the underlying reason why it happens. The file kantu-xy-host I mentioned is the key component for RealUser Simulation XModule, that’s why I mentioned it.