[Confirmed bug] Why is my Kantu still auto-closing after running a script?

Hey guys,

I have tried the false argument in the bookmark as advised to do so earlier, but Kantu is still closing after I run my scripts – any ideas?

Why is my Kantu still auto-closing after running a script?


I confirmed this issue. We will fix this asap.

This issue is fixed with V4.1.6, see https://a9t9.com/kantu/home/whatsnew

Much much better now! :slight_smile:

I want Kantu to auto close its window after running a scrip. How do you do that?

In the bookmarklet Javascript code closeKantu: true (or false ) decides if kantu is closed after the bookmark macro is completed.

See here: Activating bookmarks

Thank you. That option was already there, and it was not working. keepKantuOpen: false, did the trick.

I know it is not part of this topic, but nonetheless, do you know why the macros don’t work on first window open on Firefox? I have to open a second tab for them to perform right.

As of V3.5.17 the correct syntax is:

  • closeKantu: 1 to close UI.Vision after the macro run
  • closeKantu: 0 to keep UI.Vision open

Thank you. I think it might be a good idea that when a command is deprecated or syntax changes to include that in the changelog for the users.