Confirm value in website (text or OCR)

Im trying to make VISION RPA search for a certain text value (it is a percentage) and then if he finds the specific percentage, he will open a page.

Example: In the website whenever S&P 500 (SPX) reach the value of 0.38%, I want to open a new tab at Stock Futures | Index & Market Futures -

Here is my Example:

Can you help me to correct this one?

Best regards

So you want the macro to something if it is LARGER than 0.38%?


ulrich thanks for your reply.
However, i want that the macro do something if the value is EXACTLLY 0.38%

Also: I have seen both of your topics (“Convert string to number” and “Use if command to make the decision”) but since I don’t know anything about Javascript I cant understand a thing :frowning: