Comparing two desktop screenshots?

I’m taking two desktop screenshots via CaptureDesktopScreenshot

A before and after state if you like and I want to compare the two images in a repeatIf statement

Any ideas how I can reference these images?


What does it mean to compare 2 images?

What do you have to do?

Thanks for getting back to me…

I’m basically taking a “before” screenshot and later in the process I’m taking an “after” screenshot.

At the end of a loop I want to compare the two images to see if they are the same or if they’ve changed. If they’ve changed I Want to repeat the loop, If they haven’t changed I want to exit the loop


You’ll probably have better stability using something like verifyElementPresent or combine your macro with an API that does that:

Thanks - I’ll look into it

What kind of change do you expect? In other words: What are you watching? A website text, some layout changes or…?

I’ve found another way of doing what I need which will be a bit more robust.

I’m building a desktop automation macro. I was looking for layout changes in a desktop application - the API suggestion @User9898 came up with would probably work out for what I needed…