Comment bug in latest Firefox version gotoIf_v2

for some reason if i click the comment button // it cant be uncommented

  "Name": "test",
  "CreationDate": "2024-5-7",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "gotoIf_v2",
      "Target": "(${h} == 15 && ${m} >= 55) || (${h} == 16 && ${m} < 55)",
      "Value": "PlayTime",
      "Description": ""

seems like gotoIf_v2 has been removed and maybe causing the issue. Is there somewhere I can look for all changes made to the new version? That will effect old code and what things will need to be updated in old code or if there’s some automated process to update old macros?

Yes. The GotoIf_v2 of old version 6 is meanwhile called simply GotoIf. So if you change the command to GotoIf all should work fine again.