Command Line - Store Macros Outside RPA!

Hi All - I think I know the answer and the reasons why - just like to double check with people who know RPA far better than me…

I’m building some desktop automation macros and wondering if it is possible to store Macros on a local machine and call them from the command line rather than having them stored within RPA.

In other words I’d have a macro in a folder as in “C:\Automation Macros\Macro 1.ZIP/JSON”… And call it from the command line, a pseudo command could be…

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe” “file:///C:/“file:\\C:\Automation Macros\Macro 1.ZIP/JSON””

This would be nice for me with regards to version controlling macros…


You can use Hard Drive mode:

Command line API:

How did I miss this!!! Thanks very much