Combination compound select box, selectbox, if end, select,

Compound select box
How can I select the option corresponding to COL1 according to the form ${COL1}.
${COL1}===cola option word
Need to click is cola

But there are multiple options. According to $(COL1), the option of the same text will be clicked.
Linktext where the unit does not exist.

I have used if. But the comparison of == characters does not seem to be supported.
I used it like this:
store ${COL1} i
if ${i}=cola
click xpath=******
elseif ${i}=RPA
click xpath=*****

Target on the page:

xpat=xpath=//*[@id=“content”]/div/div/div[2]/section[3]/div/div[2]/div/div/div[2]/div/ul[ 2]/li[2]/div
CSS=css=#content> div> div:nth-child(1)> div:nth-child(2)> section:nth-child(4)> div> div.col-x24.col-l20> div: nth-child(1)> div> div:nth-child(2)> div> ul:nth-child(2)> li:nth-child(2)> div


What is your problem ?

Add screencast and info please

Can if use strings for comparison?

if variable == COLO

Yes ${!COL1} is a variable and can be used in if_v2