Cmd log status=OK when there are errors in log during the run

Can you please explain how to get an actual status in log file while executing the cmd?

Here is a screenshot with example ^^^^
Status is OK, while there are several problems during execution?
Thanks in forward.

We will test this asap. For now (from the screenshot) it seems to be an issue with test suites.

=> Does it work ok if you run only test cases (macros)?

No, you are right, for single macro it works fine.

Actually there is a note in how-to page:
“Note that the Kantu extension closes automatically if the macro run was successful.:”
and it behaves (for suites) according to this note - closes after run.

You can control the closing/not closing with the &close=1 (or 0) parameter.

Test suites: Thanks for confirming this. It sounds like a bug with test suites. The log file overall status should be error if any of the macros inside the test suite has an error. We will fix this with the next update. As a workaround, you can search the log files if any [error] messages show up.