Close option is not available for kantu chrome

my application is opening a new page and after done my script i need to close this page. but did not get the option available for.
kindly guide me what is the alternate available.

I am not sure I understand the issue. Can you please add a screenshot of the situation?

Hey Team,

I am sorry i am not clear to you.

let me rephrase it.
User is on Page1 -

  1. Click on a link and a new tab opens up.

  2. user did select this page after writing

selectWindow tab=1

  1. User perform some actions on this page and done with it.

  2. now user needs to close this tab1- and want to go to the original page

how to do it?

guide me pl.

I hope i am clear this time. pic also attached

I think this is duplicate of Close option is not available for kantu chrome - if not, please let us know.

With today’s update Kantu can close existing tabs with selectWindow | tab=close :slight_smile: