Close one Tab only


I read that there is no command for closing the current tab. Maybe it would be nice to have such a command?

I have a question for you: If you close one tab, to what tab should Kantu switch back? The one on the left of the closed tab?

Right now, there is workaround by sending the Ctrl+W shortcut.

Choosing between both would be nice, but i’d say the one on the left.

Thx for the tip!

The one that is considered below tab=x in selectWindow command. Or give us a choice what to close with again tab=x and do not close if x is the current tab.
But tabs are usually a mess. Frequently Kantu says “there is no tab to run” having 15 tabs opened in browser. Opening new tab and loading any page helps kantu to pick up the new zero tab. But this is no less of a mess anyway. This might be Chrome issue I don’t know. Plus with tab=x I get a javascript error from time to time.My guess this is again when Kantu for some reason can’t guess a tab priority. For sure these two errors are related.

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The same for me.

And i tried to use the shortcut, but mysteriously sometime the wrong tabs are closen. It also multiplies tab errors :confused:

With today’s update Kantu can close existing tabs with selectWindow | tab=close :slight_smile:

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