Close Kantu Window after running Macro / Suite

Is there a way to close the Kantu Extension window after it completes running a Macro or Test Suite?

So I add my Kantu Macros or Test Suites as a bookmark in Chrome. I will then select to run from a number of different shortcuts.

Let’s say I have a shortcut called SetDueDate which will run this macro:

  "Name": "SetDueDate",
  "CreationDate": "2018-11-27",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "bringBrowserToForeground",
      "Target": "",
      "Value": ""
      "Command": "type",
      "Target": "id=dueDate",
      "Value": "${globalDate}"

My first step is always bringbrowserToForeground as I found out that it’s not possible to run without opening the Kantu extension window.

Which is good enough as it brings back the browser to the foreground. Meanwhile, the Kantu window is still there (it’s in the background and showing in the taskbar).

Is there any command I can add to close the Kantu Extension Window upon completing the macro?

This is a regression bug, thanks for reporting it! When a macro or test suite is started from a bookmark, then Kantu should close after the macro is done. => We will fix this asap.

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Hi @admin. I see that this is fixed as of v3.5.1. Would you know when it will be available on the Chrome Web store? I’m in Canada and as of my morning Dec 3rd, I still see v3.5.0.

This is not a bug with any sense of urgency as it’s a very minor thing.

However, I was just curious on the release process. Thanks!

Now :smiley:

Release process: New versions show up first in our beta channel, and only once everything looks good we will move a version to the main production channel.

With the new version you can actually control the Kantu behavior (to close or not to close) with the closeKantu flag in the bookmarklet source code:

javascript:(function() {try {var evt = new CustomEvent(‘kantuRunMacro’, {detail: {name: ‘DemoDialogboxes’,from: ‘bookmark’,storageMode: ‘browser’,closeKantu: true}});window.dispatchEvent(evt);} catch (e) {alert('Kantu Bookmarklet error: ’ + e.toString());}})();