Close a popup window does not work

On my PC chrome the popup window is not closed automatically.

It says that there used to be a command “chooseOkOnNextConfirmation” that closes any web browser dialog window. However it does not do it for me:

When we change settings on a web for for profiles this pop up is showing and I found no way to close this unless I click on the OK button manually. Does anyone knows how to automate this step?

I do believe this is not triggered by a JavaScript “Alert()” but "confirm(‘’) command.


I suggest to try desktop automation. Then you can click on popups/button outside the browser window:

  • xdesktopautomation | true
  • XClick | ok
  • xdesktopautomation | false

I use this method to close various Chrome dialog windows, for example the “Restore Pages” popup. This works well.

Restore Pages

Thank you so much for the hint.

I kind of got around it by letting Kantu pressing the [Enter] button of my keyboard using

“Command”: “XType”,
“Target”: “${KEY_ENTER}”,
“Value”: “”

Requires now to keep focused on the web browser while running the automation. But it’s ok for now.

Thank you
Hendrik Kupfernagel