Clicking on relative text when there are several similar images

I am using uivision for desktop automation and i am stuck at this problem:
I have several places with same text (here: Pyschiatric Progress Note). I want to triple click on date that corresponds to the first in the list (list is sorted according to date). Using XClickRelative with image clicks on different date (here: 03/23/24 07:01 instead of 03/25/24 08:36). Same thing happens when i try using OCRExtractByRelative. I can’t say about OCRExtractByTextRelative as it doesn’t seem to work with texts having spaces in between.

Screenshot (295)

Correct. This is a known limitation that we will improve soon.

To do this, I would use “Clinical” as an anchor. You can either do this as image (XClickRelative) or as text (XClickTextRelative).