Clicking inside a recaptcha

yo. how to click INSIDE a recaptcha? I would like to click the blue VERIFY button.

tried this but it didnt work
Executing: | click | id=solver-button | |

Recaptcha have a frame and you must detect the frame number before click (i think the frame number can change every reload) to bypass this use Xclick but you need to have in front recaptcha button

Executing: | Xclick | id=solver-button | |

Xclick simulate the keyboard and mouse and working in every site without using frame.

If your xpath do not work try one alternative this is an image with more recaptcha xpath need only to change the test with your language text (recaptcha is translated in browser language).

In addition to @newuserkantu suggestion: The other method is to do it all visually.

=> XClick | Image of the button

This method runs a bit slower, but it avoids dealing with Xpath :wink:

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