Clicking cloudflare captcha automatically

Hi guys, I’m new to using UI vision and I use it to scrape phone numbers from a website, but the problem is that each 30 mins I get a cloudflare captcha that I gotta click on to continue using the website, is there any way I can get UI vision to click the captcha automatically every 30 mins?

Do you just need to click the captcha (like a checkbox), or do you need to solve the captcha?

I only need to click the captcha

Can you post a screenshot of it?


Simulate a real user click on this checkbox with:

XClick | captcha checkbox image

Hi man thanks,

I tried that and it does click on the captcha but I’m not really sure how to implement that into the script, I would want the automation to pause every 29 minutes for 1 minute and a half (since the captcha appears every 30 mins), then use the command “xclick” to click on the captcha and continue with the script, Can I share the script here to see if you can make it happen? would really appreciate it

So you want a macro that runs every 30 minutes?

Yeah that would be it I guess

Instead of having a set time to click the button I would recommend using visualassert To check if the button is on the page if not continue the script.

Find a location in your script where it would make sense to check if the button has appeared if true go and click it if false continue script.

This will allow the script to work no matter when the button appears.