Clicking a specific button

I want my automation to click a specific button, but its not happening after the latest update, it just skips that button and goes back to the main page
Please help!!!

It’s a bug that is fixed in the latest release: Click no executed after update to 5.9.3 (Firefox)

Update to latest version and you solve the problem

I’m using chrome 5.9.5
Can you pls share the link for chrome version?

I’m facing this issue after the latest update which happened on 20th Nov

Use a better xpath

post url page and i find a better xpath

Hello, I’ve attached the reference picture
The message button on right, I need to open that.

Please help!!

Without access to the page it’s impossibile to find a xpath,NAME_SEARCH,PzSK?_ntb=2HyD7OSzT66LiKGTcxnmaA%3D%3D

see if you can open this url

If not can we pls have a 10 min zoom call?

Url require login, i can not see the page