ClickAt Alternatives


i have tried this Code:

  "Command": "clickAt",
  "Target": "//*[@id=\"offerList\"]/div[3]/div[1]/ul/li[${num}]/div[5]/ul/li/a",
  "Value": ""

How can i make this Click like a Real Mouse Click?


Real mouse clicks can only be simulated by the SeeShell Browser Click command.

No browser extension can do so, as they all work only inside the browser (technically the DOM/html) and the browser extension API has no way of triggering mouse clicks.

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THX it worked.

Now i have a another Problem.
I would like to set and as example.csv and then he should open it.
WIth the Kantu Browser Automation it was easy.

How can i open ${!COL1} and ${!COL2} ?
Can i random this, so he random open or bing ?

Or is it possible to click on a Image on Web Browser Automation?