Click with coordinates alone

How can i use kantu to click on coordinates alone? I want kantu to click on x,y position regardless of whatever is there.

You can to this with XClick:

XClick | ${yourX},${yourY}

Do not confuse this XModules command XClick with the Selenium IDE Click command.

This does not work. the screen just turns green on chrome like this .

The green screen is needed for the computer vision calibration, it should only stay there for a very short time.

Are you saying the green screen does not go away?

yes the green screen goes away after a while but by then nothing happens. no click is made on what i want it to click.

A screencast of the running (and then failing) macro would be very useful!

ok. On microsoft Office Webmail page. The XClick does not seem to work at all. I send a screenshot before. Here is video proof.

Hmm, on the screencast it looks as it is working?

Does DemoXClick work on your machine?

It will be better you try to confirm the error i detected at your end than come into a conclusion, so kantu can work better.This is microsoft outlook mail web page.
The demo does not work on this page. I am not saying kantu does not work. I am saying it does not work on microsoft outlook mail web page.

I am getting exact same error with a flash of green on my screen then nothing happens.

Are you using multiple monitors?
Kantu’s XClick functions do not currently work correctly if you are using more than one monitor.

This is a known issue, and they are currently working on the fix. This issue was added to Kantu’s todo list during the first quarter of this year. (forum post is here: [issue #41] XClick dual monitor support)

I’m having the same issue in Chrome on a Windows machine. I can run the same macro on a Mac, and it works. The xClickRelative command finds the right place on the page to click, draws a red box around it, the screen turns green and says “Calibrating Computer Vision” very briefly, and returns to the same page with the correct location highlighted with a red box, it does not click the link, and then it tries the next step which fails because it never clicked through to the next page.

I am not using multiple monitors.