Click on link location

Hi… I have been reading and reading and still cannot find what I need. Here is what I am trying to do.

I am a moderator on a forum that is heavy attacked by spammers. When I see a spam message I click on the user’s name and their profile comes up. I then click on a profile button, select ‘ban’ and select ‘delete all user content’. I then return back to the forum with the back key and do the next one.

The script I recorded works with one exception. I do not want to identify the user by name. I want the mouse to move to 153/631 and click on that spot. I cannot seem to find the correct code to do that simple task. Granted it might not be simple but in my simple mind it is.

Is it possible to do what I need. Or, should I seek another Firefox addon to perform this task? I tried iMarcro and it was the same, could not click on a location.

The other possiblity is to click on a link at a location 153,631 without identifying the link name. Or, link=blank.

Thanks in advance.
Brian D

You could use the clickAt 153,631 or use a different locator which is what I would prefer.

Thanks. I didn’t know about clickAt. Just my research wasn’t very good. I did find xclick and that seemed to work. Had trouble with the speed of the macro so put some pauses in there. Seems to working fine.

Thanks for the suggestion. That actually got me to thinking and helped me solve my problem.