Click multiple url

I do a search in google and i want i recorded clicking on first url

how do i have it click on the first 5 url and open the 5 tabs

Extract the URL with storeText and then open it with

selectWindow | TAB=OPEN | this opens a new tab and loads the website with the given URL.

Thanks but i want it to loop and open 1 by 1

instead of recording all the opening sessions

Create a csv with urls list and you can load unilimited ulr simple and fast.

Thanks, can i create the list in UI ? if yes please share

es, create a csv with all urla and import it in ui vision after you run the url with loop

Thanks, but i would like UI to extract all url from a google search then loop 1 by 1

You must use storevalue command to save every url and save it in csv

A macro require time to create can not create macro without reading docs