Click "if" report name is


I have been using the tool for a few days and would like to know if it is possible to click on the download button of a report only if the name of the report is for example “_EN_SP_Monthly_Search_Terms”?

My quantity of reports is changing and as a result, the download buttons value link change.
What do you think ?

Thanks for your help !

Usually in hard case i use this method combining Xclick/Xtype and KEY_TAB and KEY_ENTER.

I use Xclick in my prefered text or image used like my base anchor (it support xpath or image recognition) after I have the focus on an element used like base anchor with xtype I emulate KEY_TAB to move focus in my prefered object, when I reach prefered object I click with KEY_ENTER this can intercept hard element in a page without using frame and works in all sites.

Usually a prefer a non Xtype solution (a regular web automation) but when it’s very hard to recognize an element you can use my method.

If you can post the url page is more simply to find a better solution.

Hi, thanks for your help, I can’t give you access as this page is password protected.
But will try this way !

I can select the report name with xClick but when trying to use xType with {KEY_LEFT}{KEY_LEFT}${KEY_ENTER} nothing happen.

From the page when doing a tab from the selection zone, it switch to next report name.

Without page url is impossible find a better solution

Only KEY_TAB move the focus on the page, NOT KEY_LEFT

You must combine KEY_TAB to move focus on prefered element.

Okay, thanks anyway :slight_smile: