Click command on a button opens two tabs

This is from the code window:
“Command”: “click”,
“Target”: “xpath=//*[@id=“gif-result-pinterest-link-span”]/a/img”,
“Value”: “”
Recently when it executes, it’s opening two tabs instead of one. This used to happen intermittently but now seems to happen v.frequently. Happens in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi.
I’ve tried clearing cache, uninstalling the extension, closing the browser, reopening it, reinstalling the UI Vision RPA extension and then running the macro again. Same thing happens, I get two tabs.
I’m using UI Visiosn RPA 5.9.3

Any thoughts?


I’m seeing the same thing on one of my macros on clicking a linktext after the update today to 5.9.3

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Hi, do you have any screencast or maybe a test macro for us? We are not aware of this issue yet. So a test case would be very helpful.

The command is simply clicking a linktext but now opens two identical tabs

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Thanks for the details. I am quite sure that this behavior is caused by the “click twice” bug - so boths bugs have the same root cause. It will be fixed ASAP.