Click command does not work properly


When using loop, the [click] command does not work properly. The strange behaviour is that it works in the first run ( when running in loop ) and then in the second loop it fails to click the checkbox.

Using xClick will solve the problem, but the problem with click should be fixed.

Test environment: Windows 11 64-bit, UI.Vision RPA 8.2.7, Chrome 109.0.5414.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)

This can happen in some advanced javascript or html buttons.
There are often alternative xpaths that solve the problem.
Each element in web pages can have up to 50 or more different xpaths to use, some work better and others worse, so the best xpath must always be searched to create good automation.
Xclic/Xtype has a limitation you must always leave the browser in front of the screen and therefore you cannot start multiple browsers working together on the same pc because Xclic/Xtype requires screen focus and uses the mouse and keyboard, on the contrary click/type does not control the mouse and keyboard and therefore you can start several browsers together to work automatically all together.