Clear Browsing Data on Chrome

Greetings to all Seniors.

How to clear browsing data on Chrome by UI Vision, please?
deleteAllCookies command is not solving the problem.

i need UI Vision to click that “Clear Data” button

Thank You :slight_smile:


  • XClick | image


  • XClickText | Clear

for automating this internal Chrome window.

See also Chrome dev tools automation and Chrome browser automation

A simpler solution where you don’t need to create automations with images that take time and often need to be adapted is to just use key combinations to clear cookies and cache

With Xtype you can simulate keys

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

After use TAB to move in element

at the end you use ENTER to confirm clear data

In this mode you need not to save image and this mode is very fast and compatible with every monitor and resolution

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Thank you, sir. I ended with do it manually… :pray:

Thank you, sir.

I ended with do it manually… :pray:

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