Chrome With UI.Vision v9.1.9 - Command Line Macro Sometimes Crashes Macro Window - Aw, Snap

Running from Command Line (I have not been able to repeat in manually running macros) I have a macro that works some of the time and the rest of the time it seems to stop. If I then go to the Macro window it is showing the “Aw, Snap!” error page, IN THE MACRO WINDOW.

I think (based on creating screenshots before and after) that it is crashing on an Open command.

This macro was running from command line for the past few years with no major issues, and only a few minor tweaks, but as soon as v9.1.9 came out, this started happening.

Not sure if it matters, but UI.Vision is running in Desktop Mode. The macro that is running switches the browser to Dev Mode and then opens a CSV file and then attempts to open a webpage and that is where it sometimes fails. It has focus on the browser when it fails.

Ignore this, it still fails with those lines!

Can you post a video of this issue? Is it the same in Chrome and Firefox?