Chrome update caused Desktop Automation to stop working?

I updated Chrome this afternoon and the UI macro I have been using without incident for many months stopped working today. The symptom is that clicks are unable to find the UI element specified in the screenshot. Instead, UIVision clicks in some other part of the screen.

I am running this on

  • OSX Catalina
  • Chrome 90.0.4430.212
  • Desktop Automation Module 1.0.42
  • UIVision RPA 6.2.6

My confidence level is set to 0.6, the default.

Here is a screen capture video explaining what I am doing

Hi, thanks for the screencast!

I just tested on Mac Catalina with Chrome V90.0.4430.212 and all works well.

Some questions:

  • Does the “DemoXDesktopAutomation” macro still work for you?

  • Also: Does your macro work when used with Firefox?

Thanks for the response!

  1. No, the DemoXDesktopAutomation macro doesn’t work - see screenshot below of the error message generated.
  2. It doesn’t work in Firefox either.

Here’s my settings screen:

Since it does not work in Firefox, too, we now ruled out the Chrome update as reason.

Another question: Does “DemoXClick” and/or “DemoXMove” work?

Those two don’t work either. I tried with both Vision in Browser Mode and in Desktop Mode.

xclick, browser

xmove browser

xclick desktop

Can you try in a different user account or ideally on a different Mac?

The DesktopAutomation demo doesn’t work on either a different user account, or a different Mac.

DemoXClick did work on a different Mac. I didn’t test it with a different user account. I will try that now and reply again.

Someone from UIVision checked it out and we found the following work around:

  1. Use Firefox instead of Chrome
  2. Unselect the “Use native [desktop screen capture (BETA)]” option in the Vision tab in the Settings

We couldn’t get it to work on Chrome on my computer however.

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