Chrome Refresh Click 'Yes'

When I’m using Google Chrome as my browser and the refresh command runs, a prompt from Google Chrome asking whether I want to reload the page pops up, but when recording the macro it doesn’t recognize that click. Was wondering how I can have it click ‘yes’.

Hi, you mean a popup like this?


for example here:

Yes that exact image there. Basically just want to be able to have the macro ‘click’ reload, or bypass this prompt altogether - whichever is easier.

What about just pressing enter?

Xtype | ${KEY_ENTER}

The issue there is that the macro stalls on the ‘refresh’ command because it doesn’t think it’s completed the task, so any commands to deal with the Chrome prompt seem to not even register.

Add a pause after the refresh

I tried the page with firefox and ui vision, seems firefox close automatically the alert.

If I use refresh in ui vision in the page i do not see the alert

If i manually reload the page i see the alert.