Chrome extension record button not grabbing click of next page in Google form

I am using the Chrome extension to record pressing through a Google form (the one that was included in the demos that come with U.I.Vision - I noticed that the record feature doesn’t always record a click command when I press the next button. I have included a gif to show what I mean.

I can confirm this. Mostly it works, but sometimes it fails recording the “Next” click. Is that what you see as well?

For me mostly it fails, but sometimes it works

For firefox i use an xpath addon searcher, it find dozens of xpath that Kantu do not recognize.

In some case i find 20 different xpath that kantu or Katalon do not recorder.

More times Kantu do not recognize nothing in recording but xpath finder recognize more different xpath and i add it manually in macro code.

In the page you write i find 4 different xpath, see the image

Search in mozilla addons page the xpath finder there are some addons to to this and choice your prefered.