Change span text

Hello, please help!

I’m creating a script with Kantu and i need to change a span content. That’s an editable table and the html its like:


My XPath to get it is the one below:

and I’m getting
[ error] run command: element found is neither input nor textarea]

What can i do to change that? I tryed using JS but its not enough. I need to change the real value to submit the form.

<span> is not <input> or <textarea>

I know that. But i need to change the text inside of this. How can i do it?

What do you mean? No offence but that seems like a tantrum. It’s not changeable if it’s not meant to be changed. Kantu does not edit the source it works with the output.
Can you edit the field as a user (simple human)?
If yes than you miss something with your xpath. Post the link to the page.
If not - then Kantu won’t do that either.

Yes, i can edit it. Im trying to change this field with the circle:

As you can see, this is a span:

Can you help me with this?

Seem like a google spreadsheet. Have you tried xclick and xtype?

I tried to use XClick #doubleclick to enable the box and then Xtype to type the text. But it doesnt seem to work. I tried to change the text by using JavaScript doing something like this:
xPathResult = document.evaluate(’//html/body/form/div[12]/div/div[2]/div[2]/div[3]/div[1]/div/div/div/div[1]/div/div[2]/div[3]/div[1]/table[2]/tbody/tr[2]/td[3]/span’, document);
element = xPathResult.iterateNext().NodeValue = “3h”;

But the when i submit it, the value is not changed :frowning: i dont know what to do anymore haha


With Xclic and Xtype you can do this without any problem.

These commands simulate the keyboard, you can fill every form without problem, you must not use xpath but simple keyboard code and detect the form with Xclic with image.

Read here

Hey, thanks for replying. How do i do that? can you please explain it?

Follow the doc. There is a video.

Too complicated write a macro without the page where must work.

Read xtype and xclic docs to realize it.