Case Insensitive Dropdown Selection

For dropdown boxes, selection is case sensitive by default. Is there any way to make is case insensitive?

For example, using the value “Toyota Camry” does not get “Toyota camry” selected. The value must match the case exactly, character by character, i.e. “Toyota camry”

Apply this and you can convert in prefered format

I know the string, (unfortunately) not the format at the time dropdown is selected. Therefore I need the dropdown to accept a corresponding case-insensitive string.

Any solutions / ideas?

Best solution is try all format to choose the value, if the value not found it continue with the next value need to sed !errorignore true

It’s simply and fast solution this

I know two solutions for case-insensitive select:

  • If you know the position of the element, use index=3 instead of label=Big Car

  • Replace the first character with an asterisk symbol, then it matches any char, e. g. label=*ig *ar

I have tried different methods and using asterisk is the easiest & best so far.

Thanks a lot, ulrich!