Captures emails

im trying to capture emails one by one
like in the image
i think i need to use the command “storeText”?
but what’s next?

the flow need to be

  1. open the website
  2. capture the emails
  3. store them in csv file


Hi, it seems there is no image in your post?

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Oh sorry
You right

It should look like that but on desktop

For screen scraping text from a desktop app there are two good ways:

(1) Highlight the text with an XClick (single, double or triple click depending on the app) or highlight it with XTYPE | CTRL+A. Then copy the text into the clipboard and you can access it from the !clipboard variable. See this post for details: UI Vision Desktop ( Select text, copy, and paste) from word document - #4 by Plankton

(2) Or use OCR with the OCRExtractRelative command

Thanks @ulrich !

But how to i add a command that it will go to the next row and copy past the next email address?

Would still love for some help