Capture Web page - store in clipboard - paste into Word

Hello everyone,
We are currently trying to replace our old “quality insurance” procedure document that was previously done entirely manually, with an automated script. Hence my question :

What I want to do is :

  1. Capture the current active page - captureEntirePageScreenshot does that perfectly (although not stored in the clipboard)
  2. Store the screenshot into the clipboard
  3. Paste the result into Word (or whatever editor). A simple Xtype | ${KEY_CTRL_V} will do, so it’s not a problem

I know localStorageExport can save to the harddrive, but it’s actually more cumbersome for me -once in Word- to have to browse to the saved image and insert it into the Word document than simply pasting it with a Ctrl + V

It’s a shame that XType apparently doesn’t support ${KEY_PRTSC}…

I also tried the Sendkeys trick, but the {PRTSC} key doesn’t produce any effect - I think it’s broken or blocked internally.

Thanks for your input

It’s a bad idea paste in word, you can store it in csv, after when you have extracted all data you can paste in word, there is no reason to paste in word every extraction.

Try a better solution to done this job, your id a very bad idea.

It’s a bad idea paste in word, you can store it in csv,

What ? You mean you can store images / screenshots in a csv file ?
How so ?


Ok so, I ended up writing a very simple PowerShell script which takes a screenshot of the current active window and sets it into the clipboard :

Code :

#capture the current window
#pause enough to give time for the capture to take place
start-sleep -Milliseconds 250

And it works, I see the screenshot in the clipboard.
Now on my way to run the Powershell script via UI.Vision RPA with the XRun command.
By the way that topic addressed exactly my issue but I did not find it yesterday.
Actually this here could be an even better option :slight_smile: