Capture info from web page


I bumped in to this site while on the search for some automation tools and looking for some advice whether I’m in the right place, and yes, how to begin.

My challenge is to log in to a web site, paste some info in to a text field, allow the page to search, then scrape some information from the page that is returned.

I want to repeat this exercises, with , up to a thousand times, each time scraping the info.

Ideally the result would be a list of the input fields together with the scraped field.

Hope this makes sense, and of course, this is possible.


This is possible. Web scraping is a standard task for UI Vision. Maybe start here:

Awesome tip. Many thanks.

Ive managed to work it out, which is great thanks. My challenge now is how to integrate excel or another application so that i can use a list of info for scripts to use, and save variables/outputs that are determined.

Is this straight forward?

The command line API will help:

You can use VBA to start UI Vision directly from within Excel.