Cap on log size, or how long to keep old logs for, or just disable logging?

Would it be possible to cap the size of the logs folder or just automatically delete logs that are, say over a month, old as a feature? Like a “keep logs for x amount of time” option? Or better yet, just disable logging on a per macro basis? (if everything is working, then I don’t really need the log, I’ll turn logging back on if I see a bug, it should also help with execution speed - I already use nodisplay, but faster is better obviously)

I realize my case is a fringe case as I’m a very heavy user, and that I can just delete them manually, but 5.12 GB folder size for 1.5 month’s worth of logs is a little ridiculous
Screenshot 2022-02-14 153017

The feature is available, but it is a bit hidden:
If you select “No Log” in the GUI this disables the GUI log and the hard-drive log file.