Can't use desktop OCR

I have installed Copyfish in my Chrome browser but I can’t use Desktop OCR for local images because I can’t install File Access and Desktop Screenshot. If I try to install, the installation goes to Windows C:\Users<another user>\AppData\Roaming and not my user folder. Therefore they are both showing disabled in my Chrome extension settings. I have tried Run as Administrator but still won’t install under my user folders. For security, I don’t give myself admin privileges on a day-to-day basis.

Is this Windows 10? The XModule does not need to be installed with admin rights on Windows.

Yes it is Windows 10 and I know I don’t need admin rights. However, Desktop OCR does not work because the XModule chooses to install under a different user and not in my user folders. The installation gives me no choice where to install the XModule. Where in the installation files can I make the XModules install in my user folders?

Update - OK as a workaround I gave admin privileges to my user (temporarily just to install) and the XModules install in my user folders. Now, on trying it out, I can select some Chinese letters on an image document and it says OCR successful but there is no OCR result but there is an overlay. The Google Translate button opens a blank Google Translate with nothing in it.