Can't type domestic phone format automatically

Hi I am trying to write my phone number to a form on a site, but couldn’t make it. I tried all combination of codes like type, sendkeys, first store and then clipbord paste. Something always going bad. I can see the number copied right but in a while, there is a blank place for it. The format is domestic (**) - something like that. sorun .

input type=“text” id=“mobileno” name=“mobileno” placeholder="" spellcheck=“false” required="" autocomplete=“off” maxlength=“20” class=“valid” aria-invalid=“false”

Any help will be appreciated.

Try Xtype working in all sites

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Thank you for your anwer. I tried and failed before. There is something really strange here :slight_smile: I also tried to send numbers one by one but didn’t work. When i write on keyboard it is ok. but when ı simulate like writing wtih keybord or directly pasting it something tells it clear the cell.

Edıt: Found a conflict beetween variables. Problem solved with sending keys ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_V}