Can't select dropdown item via xclick or browser automation?

Hi, I’m trying to automatically select something from a dropdown, the steps are basically:

  1. select all entries
  2. click “add to list” and have a modal show up with a “select list” dropdown
  3. click dropdown button to show all lists
  4. select “list 1”
  5. click “add to list” on the modal

So far, I’ve been able to do all steps except step 4 via Browser Automation. I tried doing step 4 via Desktop Automation (using XClick), but whenever I click on my UI.Vision window to take a screenshot, the dropdown (step 3) on my browser disappears.

I’ve tried finding “list 1” on console to circumvent that and had no luck (only shows up after step 4 is completed).

Is there a way to overcome that and do step 4? Thank you!

In the VISION tab, check the “Wait 3 seconds” box to add a delay between screenshot button press and the screenshot happening. This gives you the time to (re-)open the drop-down box!