Can't locate and type Chatter in Salesforce

I tried to locate Chatter in SF and cant find Body

so far i only can locate this
“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “//[@dir=“ltr”]",
“Value”: “aaa”
But the DOM is error when I tried to change the target to “Target”: "//

Supporting image:

i’ve tried using selectframe, I was able to select the frame but the problem is i still cant type anything in the frame. Is there any way to get this function without Xmodule? because i want to automate a task while doing another task

You cannot type into an html document. You can type into input or text field. If the structure of the page is different from the above I’m afraid you can do it only by xtype.

As @commensal said, XClick and XType will work. Here is an example for the discord chat <= the same approach will work with Chatter:

  • Use XClick to set the focus on the input field
  • Then use XType to send the text