Can't get menu drop down list

I don’t know if its possible, but if anyone could look at this web site:

I can’t get the drop down menus. For example if I record a click on “File”, I can tell that a click was recorded on playback (because “File” lights up), but no drop down list.

I can select the submenu items by recording after this point.

Anyway, would be real helpful if there is a way to get that drop down list.


I confirmed the issue. The recording works ok, but on replay the menu does not open, even so it was selected ok (just as you said).

This photo editor web app is a highly complex web app with tons of tricky Javascript. This makes automation with Kantu and its Selenium IDE commands tricky. This is a problem with any DOM-based automation tool - we don’t know any that would work better here.

(Maybe there is a solution with Selenium IDE commands, but with my tests I have not found any, just like you. If you or anyone else still find one, please let me know.)

Other Solutions:

If you are on Windows, I highly recommend that you use SeeShell and its purely image-driven approach, this will make this web automation task much easier.

If you are on Mac and Linux, stay tuned for future Kantu updates that bring some parts of the SeeShell technology to Kantu in a cross-platform way.

Thanks so much for looking at this.