Can't find correct xPath of a popup

Can you help me to get the clickable path of “OK” button in the “achtung”/warning pop-up?
Or anywhere else on the popup.
I need to use “verify element present” code to make sure, if popup exists or not.
If popup exists ( spam warning ) i list the page on blacklist.
If popup doesnt pop up, then its going into whitelist…

It opens after you click on the link


Screenshot :

Do you really need the Xpath? Or would it be ok to simply detect that “popup is open”? If so try to use visual ui automation with visual verify?

And if it is open try XType | ${KEY_ESC} to close it (if needed)

Hello. Xpath is not reaally needed. I only need to know if the popup exists.
Closing it doesnt matter, popup gives spam error.
I need to know if theres spam error or not.

I realized that, in order to see the popup, we need to log in to pinterest. So if you try on the link without sign in, popup wont reproduce