Can't automate certain web pages

So, I want to create a macro which will navigate to a link that is pulled from a csv file. It would then wait for the browser to load the page and would then verify if the web page loaded successfully or if this web page loads:

If the above page does appear, then I would want the macro to to click the elements that would bypass this screen and proceed to the targeted web page. However, I am running into a bit of an issue trying to accomplish this, as it would appear that UI.Vision.RPA is not able to interact with the above webpage when it appears. At least, it is not able to detect any of the elements that it would need to accomplish the goal:


Is there a reason as to why this automation can’t detect/interact with the elements on this page? Is there a workaround. Appreciate your time.

This is NOT web automation (not loading page) you must use desktop automation /(very hard to create).