Cannot read property 'data' of undefined

I have a simple macro for few month now that I run from an html file.
I’m launching it in a terminal using google chrome 75.0.3370.100 (incognito mode) on Ubuntu 18.04.
Since a couple of days, it always return the following error : “cannot read property ‘data’ of undefined”.
But, starting macro from the plugin in an already existing chrome session is working.
(cmd line : google-chrome --incognito file://…/my_file.html?direct=1&CloseBrowser=1)
Does anyone have an idea to fix it ? I really don’t know what happened …

Since a couple of days,

Strange, as there was no update the last days. Maybe something in the website changed? Do other macros still work ok?

Possible workaround: What if you run another macro before this one with CloseBrowser=0?