Can you combine while_v2 1 and while_v2 or any ideas please help me

please help me

I tried this but failed

      "Command": "while_v2",
      "Target": "${WF44} < ${WF45} ${TAILAH531} < \"Z\"",
      "Value": "",
      "Description": ""

you post a lot but you need to try to explain your problem more specifc.
I guess you want to do a while with 2 different conditions?

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Want to ask. There is a while in the while, is it possible?
While first looping, moving tabs and looping data contents, the flow is looping data contents 1-5, then switching tabs and looping data contents 1-5 and to the next tab doing the same looping until the looping moves to the new end tab stops.
What command did you use?

Sorry for the hassle of explaining it