Can we get better captcha buster integration/recaptcha integration in general

UI does not reliably click recaptcha and wont recognize pop up layers is there a specific way i need program it? photo below



Did you try with XClick?

doesnt work well, maybe regs like 10% of the time

Do you have a link to a website/test case? XClick works for me on every website.

Hi @Plankton
I was running into the same issue as @Philip_Michael. I used Xclick with X,Y coordinates to solve mine but this solution doesn’t feel reliable.

I tried using image recognition but because the recaptcha loads in a new frame the image capture feature doesn’t seem to work on the new frame…is almost like I need to activate the new frame in order to be able to snap a picture of the button but I don’t know how.

how do you use XClick in your test cases?