Can UI.Vision be used with WebView2?

I heard about WebView2 but still know practically nothing about it. In thinking about developing a native desktop app, it would be nice to have the benefit of UI.Vision without a visible browser. The original desktop app might be developed using a browser. Then when everything is debugged and complete, somehow add WebView and use UI.Vision through WebView2 for the final product for distribution.

This is a link to the WebView2 about which I write:

I hope you can get the gist of the internet access I am trying to achieve without a browser appearing. Maybe, you can tell me if you see this possibly working with WebView2 or maybe you have some suggestions of where I can get the knowledge I need, or what I might use.

I agree that this would be nice to have. But neither the new WebView2 browser control from Microsoft or the Pupeteer project from Chrome allow to create a real user simulation as offered by our XClick, XMove, XType and computer vision commands. Commands that simulate real user input require the app to be open on the desktop.

Our suggested workaround for background work is to run the RPA software inside a virtual machine. A small and lightweight Ubuntu virtual box is enough to run the RPA software in the background on the host system.

I like your idea. Thank you for the direction.